Career Highlights

With a thought in mind, If you can’t do something 5 hours a day, every day, then you don’t like it enough to be highly successful at it, Gautam started his early professional career in November 2007.

The Angel Healthcare - Global
2018 – Present
The Angel Healthcare – Global

The Angel Healthcare Global is an organisation formed by experts in the field of Healthcare Management, Finance & Technology. It is responsible for bringing value through experience and knowledge, thus contributing to the field of this ever-growing sector. The services offered by them cater to the needs of healthcare organisations of both practising medicine and educational medicine genre.  Known for maintaining high standards, TAH Global makes sure that its customers are always satisfied with their service. As one of the core management members of TAH Global, Mr Gautam Chhabra is responsible for an array of areas like operational management, strategic planning, annual budget management, sales & marketing strategies, client management, etc.


2018 – Present
The Angel Healthcare – INDIA

The Angel Healthcare India is a medical tourism and healthcare service provider wing of The Angel Healthcare Global. It delivers high-quality medical treatment that is reasonably priced for its patients. The company was established after noting the rise of India’s presence as a famous medical tourism location. The purpose of this company is to help local, national and international patients find economical treatments at various top medical institutions around India, majorly in the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi and NCR, and Hyderabad. As the co-founder and managing partner of TAH India, Mr Chhabra is responsible for the overall management of the organisation, making sure that it serves its purpose to the fullest.

Sama Hospital
General Manager
2007 – Present

Sama Hospital (Formerly Sama Nursing Home)


Founded in 1982 by Late Dr Surinder Kumar Sama (Padma Shri), Sr. Gastroenterologist, Sama Hospital has always enjoyed an iconic reputation. Previously known as Sama Nursing Home, this organisation is revered for its clinical excellence and high quality, ethical and affordable medical care. It is privileged to enjoy the patronage of some of the best physicians in the NCR and is affiliated with Sri Ganga Ram Hospital since its inception. As the General Manager, Mr Gautam Chhabra was responsible for establishing, developing and managing the care needs, operational management, strategic planning, annual budget management, sales & marketing strategy and client management.

General Manager
2012 – Present
American Hospital Management Company – INDIA 

A joint venture of two entities – The American Hospital Management Company (US), and Sama Healthcare- The American Hospital Management Company, India (AHMCI) is a product of consistent ideologies and complementary capabilities. The collaboration delivers AHMC’s global expertise in hospital operations with Sama Healthcare’s revered reputation in the Indian market. Founded in 1998,  AHMC provides turnkey services and total solutions to the global healthcare market of today. With AHMCI, Mr Gautam Chhabra is responsible for many things like People Management, Employee Development, Succession Planning, Cross care Risk Management, Operational management, Strategic planning, Annual budget management, Sales & Marketing Strategy etc.

American Hospital Management Company
Tattoo Cultr
Co-Founder & Director
2015 – Present
Tattoo Cultr

An online portal dedicated to one of the oldest art forms of our times, Tattoo Cultr aims to create a meeting place for tattoo enthusiasts. With a dedicated young team, it helps connect the best tattoo artists with the customers as well as each other. Promoting a centuries-old art form, Tattoo Cultr is the ultimate destination for renowned tattoo artists and enthusiasts. Here they can introduce their ink-ing journey to the fellow audience and share artistic and energetic creativity with each other while meeting contemporaries who all have a different story to tell through their world of tattoos. As the Co-Founder & Director of this venture, Mr Chhabra plays a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence.

Business Manager
2013 – Present
CareStay Medical

An initiative of Sama Healthcare, CareStay is an extension of Sama Hospital formed in 2013. It was created as a response to the growing need for elderly care services in India. There are many senior citizens in dire need of constant nursing and supervision and several have negligible local family support.  Since the inception of this organisation, it has successfully provided long term care to several elderly patients with dementia, paralytic disorders, chronic pulmonary disease, and orthopaedic disorders. In a short span of time, CareStay has successfully grown into a brand and old age home that is trusted by families for the elder who require care and support, especially those with chronic disorders.

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation
Head, Operations & CSR Programs
2009 – Present
Chiranjiv Medical Foundation

Chiranjiv Medical Foundation (CMF) is a charitable trust which provides funds for medical and surgical treatment for underprivileged patients. Dedicated to helping the underprivileged through its various schemes; the trust focuses on the treatment of the patients that cannot afford medical treatment on various levels. CMF has an affiliation with Ritinjali Mahipalpur a national charitable organisation, and often cares for patients brought by the organisation. Mr Gautam Chhabra supports the organisation with his expert experience in improving the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the organisation’s mission. Plus he works on improving reporting, information flow and management, business process and organisational planning.

Director (India)
Bourn Hall International IVF

Bourn Hall is a fertility clinic that started in England and has now established itself in India through its subsidiary branch Bourn Hall India. Bourn Hall specialises in fertility tests, infertility treatments, IVF treatments and taking care of donors. Through their team of wonderful medical experts and state of the art equipment, they conduct medical procedures that help bring happiness and stability to the life of couples who wish to become parents. Apart from fertility treatments, they also help expecting mothers through their pregnancies through their amazing team of gynaecologists. With the Bourn Hall clinic, as the Director of the Indian subsidiary, Mr Chhabra is responsible for long-term planning,  financial management, planning, systems & controls.

Bourn Hall
Sunlight Health
Co-Founder and Business Head
2012- 2016
Sunlight Health (Formerly SMIDR)


A healthcare portal dedicated to removing information barriers between patients, doctors and hospitals, allows access to medical facilities, review profiles of doctors & also request quotes for any elective medical procedure. This venture is dedicated to bringing transparency between patients and doctors, thereby establishing trust between the two parties. It also gives users the ability to voice an opinion regarding medical experience, in the form of reviews and ratings. Mr Chhabra has played a significant role in long-term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence of the organisation. He is responsible for overseeing financial management, planning, systems & controls.