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Six Uncomplicated Swaps to Make for a Healthier 2020

Another year has gone by, and you still don’t have your health goals accomplished. Right? Have you ever wondered why? That’s because your goals/habits are too overwhelming to apply in real life where everything is chaotic already.

In this article, I will tell you about six swaps you can make in the most simplest of things in life.

Because of their simplicity, these swaps are incredibly easy to put into practice. While their results might not be visible in the first few months of doing, they are bound to surprise you at the end of the year.

Here they are.

1. Swap your Coffee with Green Tea

If you are a caffeine freak, this might not feel like an excellent idea to you. But trust me, it’s will be a life-changing step. Swapping coffee with green tea saves you from the caffeine crash. Plus, it induces the benefits of antioxidants which green tea brings with it as well.

2. Swap your Sweets with Apples

No wonder sugar is a demon. Some people call it a drug which slowly kills. So, why not switch the drug with a healthy apple? If you are craving sugar, you can enjoy that naturally from the apples, or any other sweet fruit for that matter. This way, you not only save yourself from the artificial sugar demon but also get the benefits of the fibrous apples. Remember the old saying? An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

3. Swap the Lift/Escalator with Stairs

Lifts/escalators and stairs are all around us. From our apartments to metro stations, to offices. No day goes by without an opportunity to use the stairs. So, what’s keeping you from doing this? Lack of time? Well, if you ever used the stairs rather than the packed lifts and escalators, you would know that stairs help you save time instead. This practice will help you avoid the medical expenses you will soon have to face otherwise.

Swaps-to-Make-for-a Healthier-2020

4. Swap your Dinner with Breakfast

Most people either have super light breakfasts or skip them altogether. It’s no news that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, most of us don’t take the time for a healthier and substantial breakfast daily.

Instead, we consume heavy dinners, even after knowing that we are not going to use the driven energy any time soon. Most of us go to sleep directly after this heavy dinner and then encourage the collection of fat in our bellies.

5. Swap Regular Water with Infused Water

Drinking less water is one of the habits we regret doing. But, is there an effective way to make drinking more water a  daily habit? Infused water might help. Infused water can be created using fruits like apples and oranges and vegetables like tomato and cucumber. You can add lemon and mint as well. Also, you can spice your water up with ginger, cumin, cinnamon, etc. and get yourself addicted to drinking water.

While water is a super powerful ingredient in itself, these fruits, veggies and spices are full of nutrition as well. These together help detoxify, giving you healthier, body, hair and skin.

6. Swap your Snacks with Nuts

Snacking is a bad habit we all are guilty of. But why snack on bad, processed foods or fast foods? There are an enormous number of healthy options to snack on. A health-oriented cook or your mother might be able to help you with creative options.

However, nuts are the simplest of all. From peanuts to almonds and cashew nuts and even coconuts, nuts can become your healthy snack saviours. Forget those fatty samosas, spring rolls, and other savouries, go try some nuts out!

Apart from these six hacks, there are a few more I know that can immensely improve your life. For example, swapping your regular desk to a standing desk can help stay away from the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. Also, switching your big eating utensils to smaller ones and switching from processed foods to organic ones are some amazing hacks.

Comment down below if you want to know more such swap hacks. Share your viewpoint on these hacks and if you have your own swap hacks, share them with the community down below. It’s time we change our life for good, one swap at a time!

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