6 Ways To Save Yourself From The Pollution Demon (Look out for the last one!)

With 7 of the 10 most polluted cities of the world being in India, a child just faced his death three minutes ago here. Why? Because India tops the charts when it comes to air pollution. The capital city of India, Delhi has an AQI of 312 at the time of writing this blog. This level is hazardous and is enough to kill a child every three minutes if not more.

What is AQI? 

AQI or Air Quality Index is a measurement of how polluted the air of a particular region is. Air Quality Index is based on the calculation of five major air pollutants. These are carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ground-level ozone, and particulate matter.

The index runs from 0 to 500. While AQI of under 50 signifies good clean air, that of above 300 is termed hazardous for health.

With these facts in hand, it is time we stop complaining and blaming it all on the government and take some action ourselves. If not for the future generation, at least for the current generation – our family.

Ways To Save -Polltion-Mask

Here are a few small things which each one of us can do and save ourselves.

  1. Avoid the outdoors
    While this may seem a no-brainer, it is an essential way to prevent toxic air from entering your body. Now you may say, that you go outdoors for exercise which is a good habit. However, morning walks/jogs, open gyms, meditation and laughing sessions in the parks may do you more harm than good if done in smog-rich air. So, ensure doing these activities indoors. The same applies to your kids. Make sure they study and play indoors.

  2. Use Air masks
    Avoiding the outdoors is easier said than done. Not everything can happen indoors. The solution lies in the usage of air masks. Not just any air masks, but effective ones. For example, N95, N99, and N100 are good inexpensive masks that can filter PM 2.5 air-borne particulate matter with up to 99.97% efficiency. There are other masks like Totobobo masks, Respro masks and P95 masks that work well.
  3. Utilize Detoxifying Plants
    With air pollution booming at an undeniably high pace, the air indoors is also getting intoxicated. The solution lies in indoor plants. While being around any plant will help you against the air pollution demon, there are specific detoxifying plants that work wonders. Plants like Ivy, Spider plant and Aloe vera purify the air around them making it harmless for us.

  4. Walk, Cycle, Use Public Transport and Carpools
    While there is little that you can do about the pollution that exists already, a lot can be done to stop it from increasing. One such method is of avoiding solo transport that burns up fuel. The more you use public transport and carpools the better. If your destination is nearby, burning calories by walking or cycling is far better than burning fuel. This helps you avoid the sin of burning your children’s future through toxic air created by you.

  5. Minimize the use of energy
    Another way to leave some good air for your future generation to breathe is through using less energy at homes and workplaces. Producing electricity is known to be a major factor in air pollution. Conserving energy can not only lead to better air quality but reduce greenhouse emissions and help save money as well.

  6. Opt a Detoxifying Diet
    The above tips will prove immensely useful to avoid unhealthy air from entering your body. But what about the toxic substances you have already inhaled. They are slowly deteriorating your body and thus, need to be removed. A few additions to your regular diet can help detoxify your body. Jaggery, Ginger, Tulsi, and Citrus fruits contain some highly detoxifying compounds that can help you out. Making them part of your diet can help you fight the death air pollution has brought with it.

Final Thoughts

Your health is in your hands and you have the right to breathe. It is high time now that you opt for these methods to keep yourself and your family immune to the pollution demon.

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