6 Healthy Ways to Party this New Year’s Eve of 2020

1. Take and Encourage the No Alcohol Challenge

If you are a party freak and have celebrated with alcohol in the last years, you know that horrible feeling. The feeling of waking up with a hangover first day of the year and implying a not-so-great year again.

You then feel demotivated and procrastinate on your purposeful actions for the day. Besides, some wise freak has rightly said that the way you start determines how well you’ll finish. I’m sure you don’t want to finish with a hangover of not having accomplished anything worthy yet another year!

The good feeling comes as a bonus with your happy liver that will be blessing you for not being evil to it. You can always have a mocktail if you really need to have something to drink.

So, take the no alcohol challenge and make your friends join in too. The more the merrier!

2. How About a Pamper Party?

Parties are a way of destressing. But who said food and drinks are the only way out. Here’s an idea, bring all your family and friends over along with a mobile massage therapist. The therapist will help relax and forget the stresses that added negativity to your past year.

Add to the goodness with some manicure and face mask kits. Some relaxing music in the background and healthy salads would be an icing on the healthy cake. Your guests will love you for helping them celebrate an essential part of their year so differently and intentionally.

3. Dance/Zumba Party

Who doesn’t love a dance? Even those who say they don’t, secretly do. So, hit the dance floor in the club of your choice with your friends and burn some calories. Why take them with you to the new year?

Another option you have is of hosting or attending a Zumba party. Missing that thrill would be a fool’s choice.


4. Sunrise Party

A somewhat unique and unnatural way of celebrating your new year is with nature! Now, this is neither an indoor thing nor the traditional night party. It’s about enjoying and getting inspired by the morning. Go grab a friend or your parents, and go out for a morning walk on the day of the new year. The experience you get while the whole world is sleeping or fighting the hangover is worth a try. Plus, your different morning of the new year will carve a path towards a different end of your whole year. An end that will shout your success.

5. Healthy Cooking Party

Bring over your friends and family for dinner, which you all can make together. You will love the act of it. Exploring healthy eating options with a group makes the activity easier and enjoyable.

You can try deviled eggs and roasted chickpeas for snacks. How about mini grilled vegetable skewers dressed up with shredded cheese? Ever tried it? Healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring, right?

Also, there is an old tradition in some parts of the world about the healthy black-eyed peas. It is said having them right after midnight or the day of the new year ensures prosperity and good health all year long. If nourishing your body on one day can eventually help you remain healthy all life, then why not?

6. Together TV Party

Yes! Enjoying some comedy shows and movies with family will not only add to your memorable moment but also your health. Especially mental health. Add in some nuts, raw-carrot sticks, broccoli, or cauliflower with a hummus dip for snacks, and you’ll be good to go. You can make the get together even more fun by adding board games and dance.

After all, bringing your friends and family together should be a wholesome act, not a health-degrading act.

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